LLMS_Abstract_Exportable_Admin_Table::get_export_file_name( array $args = array() )

Retrieves the file name for an export file.

Parameters Parameters


(array) (Optional) arguments passed from table to csv processor.

Default value: array()

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Return Return


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Source Source

File: includes/abstracts/llms.abstract.exportable.admin.table.php

	public function get_export_file_name( $args = array() ) {

		$parts = array(
			sanitize_file_name( strtolower( $this->get_export_title( $args ) ) ),
			_x( 'export', 'Used in export filenames', 'lifterlms' ),
			llms_current_time( 'Y-m-d' ),
			wp_generate_password( 8, false, false ),

		$filename = implode( '_', $parts );

		 * Filters the file name for an export file.
		 * The dynamic portion of this hook, `$this->id`, refers to the table's
		 * `$id` property.
		 * @since Unknown
		 * @since 7.0.1 Added the `$parts` and `$table` parameters.
		 * @param string                               $filename The generated filename.
		 * @param string[]                             $parts    An array of strings that makeup the generated filename
		 *                                                       when joined with the underscore separator character.
		 * @param LLMS_Abstract_Exportable_Admin_Table $table    Instance of the table object.
		return apply_filters(


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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
7.0.1 Fixed issue encountered when special characters are present in the table's title.
3.28.0 Unknown.
3.15.0 Introduced.

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