LLMS_Admin_Notices::flash_notice( string $message, string $type = 'info' )

Flash a notice on screen, isn’t saved and is automatically deleted after being displayed

Parameters Parameters


(string) (Required) Message text / html to display onscreen.


(string) (Optional) Notice type [info|warning|success|error].

Default value: 'info'

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Return Return


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Source Source

File: includes/admin/class.llms.admin.notices.php

	 * @since 3.3.0
	 * @param string $message Message text / html to display onscreen.
	 * @param string $type    Notice type [info|warning|success|error].
	 * @return void
	public static function flash_notice( $message, $type = 'info' ) {

		$id = 'llms-flash-notice-';
		$i  = 0;

		// Increment the notice id so we can flash multiple notices on screen in one load if necessary.
		while ( self::has_notice( $id . $i ) ) {

		$id = $id . $i;


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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
3.3.0 Introduced.

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