LLMS_Block_Templates::get_single_block_template( WP_Block_Template $template, string $id, array $template_type )

Runs on the get_block_template hook.

Description Description

If a template is already found and passed to this function, then return it and don’t run. If a template is not passed, try to look for one that matches the ID in the database, if that’s not found defer to Blocks templates files. Priority goes: DB-Theme, DB-Blocks, Filesystem-Theme, Filesystem-Blocks.

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Parameters Parameters


(WP_Block_Template) (Required) The found block template.


(string) (Required) Template unique identifier (example: theme_slug//template_slug).


(array) (Required) wp_template or wp_template_part.

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Return Return


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Source Source

File: includes/class-llms-block-templates.php

	public function get_single_block_template( $template, $id, $template_type ) {

		// The template was already found before the filter runs, or the requested template is not a 'wp_template' type, just return it immediately.
		if ( null !== $template || 'wp_template' !== $template_type ) {
			return $template;

		$template_name_parts = explode( '//', $id );
		if ( count( $template_name_parts ) < 2 ) {
			return $template;
		list( , $slug ) = $template_name_parts;

		// Get available llms templates from the filesystem.
		$available_templates = $this->block_templates( array( $slug ), '', true );

		// If this blocks template doesn't exist then we should just skip the function and let Gutenberg handle it.
		if ( ! in_array( $slug, wp_list_pluck( $available_templates, 'slug' ), true ) ) {
			return $template;

		$template = ( is_array( $available_templates ) && count( $available_templates ) > 0 ) ?
			$available_templates[0] : $template;

		return $template;


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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
5.8.0 Introduced.

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