Alert: This function’s access is marked private. This means it is not intended for use by plugin or theme developers, only in other core functions. It is listed here for completeness.


Check if the user has already earned this achievement used to prevent duplicates

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File: includes/certificates/class.llms.certificate.user.php

	private function has_user_earned() {

		global $wpdb;

		$count = (int) $wpdb->get_var(
			SELECT COUNT( pm.meta_id )
			FROM {$wpdb->postmeta} AS pm
			JOIN {$wpdb->prefix}lifterlms_user_postmeta AS upm ON pm.post_id = upm.meta_value
			WHERE pm.meta_key = '_llms_certificate_template'
			  AND pm.meta_value = %d
			  AND upm.meta_key = '_certificate_earned'
			  AND upm.user_id = %d
			  AND upm.post_id = %d
			  LIMIT 1
				array( $this->certificate_template_id, $this->userid, $this->lesson_id )

		 * Deprecated.
		 * @since Unknown.
		 * @deprecated 6.0.0 Filter `llms_certificate_has_user_earned` is deprecated in favor of `llms_earned_certificate_dupcheck`.
		 * @param boolean               $has_earned Whether or not the certificate has been earned.
		 * @param LLMS_Certificate_User $user_cert  The user certificate object.
		return apply_filters_deprecated( 'llms_certificate_has_user_earned', array( ( $count >= 1 ), $this ), 'llms_earned_certificate_dupcheck' );


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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
3.17.4 Introduced.

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