Prepare the query.

Description Description

Should return the query which will be used by query().

This should be an abstract method but is defined here for backwards compatibility to preserve the previous method, preprare_query() (notice the misspelling).

Once the preprare_query() method is fully removed in the next major release this method can be removed in favor of the abstract from the parent class.

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Return Return


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Source Source

File: includes/abstracts/abstract.llms.database.query.php

	protected function prepare_query() {
		if ( method_exists( $this, 'preprare_query' ) ) {
			$class = get_called_class();
			_deprecated_function( "{$class}::preprare_query()", '6.0.0', "{$class}::prepare_query()" );
			return $this->preprare_query();
		} else {
				sprintf( __( "Method '%s' not implemented. Must be overridden in subclass.", 'lifterlms' ), __METHOD__ ),

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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
6.0.0 Introduced.

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