LLMS_L10n::get_js_strings( boolean $json = true )

Create an object of translatable strings

Description Description

This object is added to the LLMS.l10n JS object.

The text used in JS MUST exactly match the string found in this object.

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Parameters Parameters


(boolean) (Optional) If true, convert to JSON, otherwise return the array.

Default value: true

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Return Return

(string|array) If $json is true, returns a JSON string, otherwise an array.

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Source Source

File: includes/class.llms.l10n.php

	public static function get_js_strings( $json = true ) {

		$strings = array();

		// Add strings that should only be translated on the admin panel.
		if ( is_admin() ) {

			$strings = apply_filters( 'lifterlms_js_l10n_admin', $strings );


		// Allow filtering so extensions don't have to implement their own l10n functions.
		$strings = apply_filters( 'lifterlms_js_l10n', $strings );

		if ( true === $json ) {

			return json_encode( $strings );

		} else {

			return $strings;



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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
3.17.8 Unknown.
2.7.3 Introduced.

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