LLMS_Meta_Box_Voucher_Export::output( object $post )

Function to field WP::output() method call Passes output instruction to parent

Parameters Parameters


(object) (Required) WP global post object

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Return Return


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Source Source

File: includes/admin/post-types/meta-boxes/class.llms.meta.box.voucher.export.php

	public static function output( $post ) {

		global $post;
		if ( 'publish' !== $post->post_status ) {
			_e( 'You need to publish this post before you can generate a CSV.', 'lifterlms' );
		<div class="llms-voucher-export-wrapper" id="llms-form-wrapper">

			<div class="llms-voucher-export-type">
				<input type="radio" name="llms_voucher_export_type" id="vouchers_only_type" value="vouchers">
				<label for="vouchers_only_type"><strong><?php _e( 'Vouchers only', 'lifterlms' ); ?></strong></label>
				<p><?php _e( 'Generates a CSV of voucher codes, uses, and remaining uses.', 'lifterlms' ); ?></p>

			<div class="llms-voucher-export-type">
				<input type="radio" name="llms_voucher_export_type" id="redeemed_codes_type" value="redeemed">
				<label for="redeemed_codes_type"><strong><?php _e( 'Redeemed codes', 'lifterlms' ); ?></strong></label>
				<p><?php _e( 'Generated a CSV of student emails, redemption date, and used code.', 'lifterlms' ); ?></p>

			<div class="llms-voucher-email-wrapper">
				<input type="checkbox" name="llms_voucher_export_send_email" id="llms_voucher_export_send_email"
				<label for="llms_voucher_export_send_email"><?php _e( 'Email CSV', 'lifterlms' ); ?></label>
				<input type="text" placeholder="Email" name="llms_voucher_export_email">
				<p><?php _e( 'Send to multiple emails by separating emails addresses with commas.', 'lifterlms' ); ?></p>

			<button type="submit" name="llms_generate_export" value="generate" class="button-primary"><?php _e( 'Generate Export', 'lifterlms' ); ?></button>
			<?php wp_nonce_field( 'lifterlms_csv_export_data', 'lifterlms_export_nonce' ); ?>
			<div class="clear"></div>

		echo ob_get_clean();

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?? Introduced.

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