LLMS_Notification_Controller_Upcoming_Payment_Reminder::schedule_upcoming_payment_reminder( LLMS_Order $order, string $type, int $payment_date )

Schedule upcoming payment reminder notification

Parameters Parameters


(LLMS_Order) (Required) Instance of the LLMS_Order which we'll schedule the payment reminder for.


(string) (Required) The notification type identifier.


(int) (Optional) The upcoming payment due date in Unix time format and UTC. Default is 0. When not provided it'll be calculated from the order.

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Return Return

(WP_Error|int) WP_Error either if there's no reminder date or if it's passed. Otherwise returns the return value of as_schedule_single_action: the action's ID.

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Source Source

File: includes/notifications/controllers/class.llms.notification.controller.upcoming.payment.reminder.php

	public function schedule_upcoming_payment_reminder( $order, $type, $payment_date = 0 ) {

		$action_args = $this->get_recurring_payment_reminder_action_args( $order, $type );

		// Unschedule upcoming payment reminder (does nothing if no action scheduled).
		$this->unschedule_upcoming_payment_reminder( $order, $type );

		// Convert our reminder date to Unix Time and UTC before passing to the scheduler.
		$reminder_date = $this->get_upcoming_payment_reminder_date( $order, $type, $payment_date );

		// If no reminder date.
		if ( is_wp_error( $reminder_date ) ) {
			return $reminder_date;

		// Or reminder date set in the past.
		if ( $reminder_date < llms_current_time( 'U', true ) ) {
			return new WP_Error( 'upcoming-payment-reminder-passed', __( 'Upcoming payment reminder passed', 'lifterlms' ) );

		// Schedule upcoming payment reminder.
		return as_schedule_single_action(


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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
5.2.0 Introduced.

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