Retrieve an array of post properties

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These properties need to be get/set with alternate methods.

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File: includes/abstracts/abstract.llms.post.model.php

	protected function get_post_properties() {
		 * Filters the properties of the model that are properties of WP_Post.
		 * @since Unknown
		 * @param array           $post_properties Associative array of the type $post_property_name => type.
		 * @param LLMS_Post_Model $llms_post       The LLMS_Post_Model instance.
		return apply_filters(
				'author'         => 'absint',
				'content'        => 'html',
				'date'           => 'text',
				'date_gmt'       => 'text',
				'excerpt'        => 'html',
				'password'       => 'text',
				'parent'         => 'absint',
				'menu_order'     => 'absint',
				'modified'       => 'text',
				'modified_gmt'   => 'text',
				'name'           => 'text',
				'status'         => 'text',
				'title'          => 'text',
				'type'           => 'text',
				'comment_status' => 'text',
				'ping_status'    => 'text',

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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
3.34.0 Add date and modified dates GMT version, comment and ping status, post password and menu_order.
3.31.0 Treat excerpts as HTML instead of plain text.
3.0.0 Introduced.

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