Warning: This method has been deprecated. $paged automatically set via add_rewrite_rule() in $this->add_endpoints() method instead.


Handles setting the “paged” variable on Student Dashboard endpoints which utilize page/{n} style pagination

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File: includes/class.llms.query.php

	 * This will only redirect if `$wp_query` detects a 404 and a certificate
	 * exists with the parsed slug. This check is important to prevent against
	 * collisions which are theoretically possible, though probably unlikely.
	 * @since 6.0.0
	 * @since 7.5.0 Fixed passing null to parameter #1 ($haystack) using `strpos`.
	 * @return void
	public function maybe_redirect_certificate() {

		global $wp, $wp_query;

		$old  = sprintf( '/%s/', _x( 'my_certificate', 'slug', 'lifterlms' ) );
		$path = wp_parse_url( home_url( $wp->request ), PHP_URL_PATH );

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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
3.28.2 $paged automatically set via add_rewrite_rule() in $this->add_endpoints() method.
3.14.0 Introduced.

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