Build the query params for the objects collection.

Return Return

(array) Collection parameters.

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Source Source

File: libraries/lifterlms-rest/includes/server/class-llms-rest-enrollments-controller.php

	protected function build_collection_params() {

		$query_params = parent::get_collection_params();

		unset( $query_params['include'], $query_params['exclude'] );

		$query_params['status'] = array(
			'description'       => __( 'Filter results to records matching the specified status.', 'lifterlms' ),
			'enum'              => array_keys( llms_get_enrollment_statuses() ),
			'type'              => 'string',
			'validate_callback' => 'rest_validate_request_arg',

		$query_params['post'] = array(
			'description'       => __( 'Limit results to a specific course or membership or a list of courses and/or memberships. Accepts a single post id or a comma separated list of post ids.', 'lifterlms' ),
			'type'              => 'string',
			'validate_callback' => 'rest_validate_request_arg',

		return $query_params;

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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
1.0.0-beta.10 Fixed 'context' query parameter schema.
1.0.0-beta.1 Introduced.

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