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The variables $atts & $content are both filtered before being passed to get_output() output is filtered so the return of get_output() doesn’t need its own filter.

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File: includes/shortcodes/class.llms.shortcode.registration.php

	protected function get_output() {
		 * Enqueue select2 scripts and styles.
		llms()->assets->enqueue_script( 'llms-select2' );
		llms()->assets->enqueue_style( 'llms-select2-styles' );
			"window.llms.address_info = '" . wp_json_encode( llms_get_countries_address_info() ) . "';"

		include llms_get_template_part_contents( 'global/form', 'registration' );
		return ob_get_clean();


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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
5.0.2 Added select enqueue script and inline script for address info.
5.0.0 Remove password strength enqueue script.
3.4.3 Introduced.

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