LLMS_Student::get_enrollment_status( int $product_id, bool $use_cache = true )

Get the current enrollment status of a student for a particular product

Parameters Parameters


(int) (Required) WP Post ID of a Course, Section, Lesson, or Membership


(bool) (Optional) If true, returns cached data if available, if false will run a db query

Default value: true

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Return Return

(false|string) When no enrollment status exists, returns false. Otherwise returns the enrollment status as a string.

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Source Source

File: includes/models/model.llms.student.php

	public function get_enrollment_status( $product_id, $use_cache = true ) {

		$status       = false;
		$product_type = get_post_type( $product_id );

		if ( ! in_array( $product_type, llms_get_enrollable_status_check_post_types(), true ) ) {
			/* This filter is documented at the end of this method. */
			return apply_filters( 'llms_get_enrollment_status', $status, $this->get_id(), $product_id, $use_cache );

		// Get course ID if we're looking at a lesson or section.
		if ( in_array( $product_type, array( 'section', 'lesson' ), true ) ) {

			$llms_post = llms_get_post( $product_id );
			if ( $llms_post ) {
				$product_id = $llms_post->get( 'parent_course' );

		if ( $use_cache ) {
			$status = $this->cache_get( sprintf( 'enrollment_status_%d', $product_id ) );

		 * After checking the cache, $status will be:
		 *     + `false` if there was nothing in the cache or the function was instructed to not use the cache: Query the database to get the status.
		 *     + a string if there was a status: No need to query the database.
		 *     + `null` if there's no status: No need to query the database.
		if ( false === $status ) {

			global $wpdb;

			// Get the most recent recorded status.
			$status = $wpdb->get_var(
					"SELECT meta_value FROM {$wpdb->prefix}lifterlms_user_postmeta
					 WHERE meta_key = '_status' AND user_id = %d AND post_id = %d
					 ORDER BY updated_date DESC, meta_id DESC LIMIT 1;",
					array( $this->get_id(), $product_id )

			// Cache the data: `null` will be stored if the student has no status.
			$this->cache_set( sprintf( 'enrollment_status_%d', $product_id ), $status );


		// Don't return `null` values from the database.
		$status = $status ? $status : false;

		 * Filter a user's enrollment status for a specific post.
		 * Note that if a value is modified by this filter the modified value is *not* cached. Therefore you should
		 * consider implementing caching of your modified value which matches the caching implemented by this method
		 * so that the modified value obeys the default caching behavior.
		 * @since Unknown
		 * @param false|string $status     When no enrollment status exists, returns `false`. Otherwise returns the
		 *                                     enrollment status as a string.
		 * @param int          $user_id    WP_User ID of the student
		 * @param int          $product_id WP_Post ID of the post used to check the enrollment status.
		 * @param boolean      $use_cache  Whether or not to use the local cache.
		return apply_filters( 'llms_get_enrollment_status', $status, $this->get_id(), $product_id, $use_cache );


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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
5.7.0 Replaced the call to the deprecated LLMS_Lesson::get_parent_course() method with LLMS_Lesson::get( 'parent_course' ).
4.4.1 Moved filter llms_user_enrollment_status_allowed_post_types to function llms_get_enrollable_status_check_post_types().
4.18.0 Added a tie-breaker when there are multiple enrollment statuses with the same date & time.
3.37.9 Added filter llms_user_enrollment_status_allowed_post_types.
3.17.0 Unknown.
3.0.0 Introduced.

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