Method: The constructor for the class. It adds the methods here to the appropriate actions. The actions are for: 1) Creating the custom column set in the llms_review post screen 2) Making a column sortable 3) Adding content to the column 4) Outputting the content.

Source: includes/admin/class.llms.admin.reviews.php:38

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Method: This function generates the custom column set. It takes in the array of standard columns, then modifies that set to contain the needed fields.

Source: includes/admin/class.llms.admin.reviews.php:56

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Method: This function entered the information into the course section of the llms_review post page. It takes the column that is being worked on, as well as the comment ID, then echoes the content required.

Source: includes/admin/class.llms.admin.reviews.php:90

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