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File: includes/functions/updates/llms-functions-updates-3160.php

function llms_update_3160_builder_notice() {

	if ( 'complete' !== get_transient( 'llms_update_3160_update_attempt_question_data' ) ) {
		return true;

	require_once LLMS_PLUGIN_DIR . 'includes/admin/class.llms.admin.notices.php';

			'html'        => sprintf(
				__( 'Welcome to LifterLMS 3.16.0! This update adds significant improvements to the quiz-building experience. Notice quizzes and questions are no longer found under "Courses" on the sidebar? Your quizzes have not been deleted but they have been moved! Read more about the all new %1$squiz builder%2$s.', 'lifterlms' ),
				'<a href="http://blog.lifterlms.com/hello-quizzes/" target="_blank">',
			'type'        => 'info',
			'dismissible' => true,
			'remindable'  => false,


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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
3.16.0 Introduced.

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