do_action( 'lifterlms_pre_checkout_form', int $cols, LLMS_Payment_Gateway[] $gateways, string $selected_gateway, string $order_key, LLMS_Coupon|false $coupon, LLMS_Access_Plan $plan, LLMS_Product $product, bool $is_free, string $form_location, string $form_fitle, array $form_fields )

Checkout Form

Parameters Parameters


(int) Number of columns to use for the form layout.


(LLMS_Payment_Gateway[]) Array of enabled payment gateway instances.


(string) ID of the currently selected/default payment gateway.


(string) Current order key. Empty string for new orders.


(LLMS_Coupon|false) Coupon currently applied to the session or false when none found.


(LLMS_Access_Plan) Access plan object.


(LLMS_Product) Product object.


(bool) Whether or not the access plan is a free plan.


(string) Form location id.


(string) Form title.


(array) Array of LifterLMS Form Fields.

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Source Source

File: templates/checkout/form-checkout.php

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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
5.0.0 Moved all variable declarations to the checkout shortcode controller. Updated to utilize fields from LLMS_Forms class.
1.0.0 Introduced.

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