wp llms <command>

Manage LifterLMS.


The LLMS-CLI is currently in early release as an open public beta. Commands are subject to change without warning. Please pay close attention to the changelog as we continue to develop and improve the CLI.

If you encounter any issues or wish to provide feedback on the LLMS-CLI please get in touch at https://github.com/gocodebox/lifterlms-cli.

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Name Description
wp llms access-plan

Manage access plans.

wp llms addon

Manage LifterLMS add-on plugins and themes.

wp llms api-key

Manage API keys.

wp llms course

Manage courses.

wp llms instructor

Manage instructors.

wp llms lesson

Manage lessons.

wp llms license

Manage LifterLMS License Keys.

wp llms membership

Manage memberships.

wp llms section

Manage sections.

wp llms student

Manage students.

wp llms students-enrollments

Manage student enrollments.

wp llms students-progress

Manage student progress.

wp llms version

Display the version of LifterLMS or the specified LifterLMS add-on.