Warning: This method has been deprecated. LLMS_Database_Query::set_found_results() is deprecated instead.


Set variables related to total number of results and pages possible with supplied arguments.

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File: includes/abstracts/abstract.llms.database.query.php

	protected function set_found_results() {

		_deprecated_function( 'LLMS_Database_Query::set_found_results()', '6.0.0' );

		// If no results, or found rows not required, bail early b/c no reason to calculate anything.
		if ( ! $this->number_results || $this->get( 'no_found_rows' ) ) {

		$this->found_results = $this->found_results();
		$this->max_pages     = absint( ceil( $this->found_results / $this->get( 'per_page' ) ) );


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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
6.0.0 LLMS_Database_Query::set_found_results() is deprecated.
4.5.1 Bail early if the query arg no_found_rows is true, b/c no reason to calculate anything.
3.8.0 Introduced.

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